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Ventajas de la radio en red 2023-04-29

First, the cost is cheap, then the cable to enter the machine to communication must be erected cable, or digging cable trench, so the need for a lot of manpower and material resources, and the use of wireless radio to establish a special wireless transmission mode without erecting these equipment, only need to set up the appropriate height of the antenna on each terminal can be, So it is to save manpower and material resources in comparison with wireless network transmission, investment is quite saving, and is to some close communication system, two way radio performance is more flexible and convenient, construction project cycle is short, so when the distance from several kilometers to more distant sites to connect communication, using the wired way, You have to run long cables or dig long trenches, which can take months. With wireless networks, you only need to set up antennas at the right height, which can take days or weeks

1. Convenience: In an organization, as long as the frequency is the same, any radio call, other radio can receive. Make one person and many people talk to each other come ture. 2. Rapid: information dissemination is convenient and fast, convenient for internal command and scheduling, close contact. 3 The cost of two way radio is tiny, for the part of the call, can reduce the cost, save money.

4. Freedom: two way radio does not need network support, just push the key then you can talk with the erson you want, outside the city suburban tourism or engineering operations, play a great role.

1. Application and benefits

 If you need to contact someone who walks around a lot or is absent, you need to repeat a message to that person, most of your company's communications are within the company, you need to respond quickly in case of an emergency, you have some vehicles or people moving around a fixed area, you manage some equipment or several buildings, and your shipments change frequently in production schedules.

3, How to improve the efficiency of two way radios? A two way radio is a necessary tool for a person to communicate with a group of people in a company. With just one call, the person can communicate with all the people in the group, no matter where they are distributed

4. How to use a two way radio

Unlike mobile phones, two way radios are not billed for minutes. Comparing the cost of mobile phones, users will find two way radios more economical and practical.

5. Why do people choose to use two way radios when mobile phones are very popular today? This is because two way radios have many unique features compared with mobile phones: two way radios are not restricted by the network in the place covered by the network, two way radios can allow users to communicate easily, two way radios provide one-to-many call mode, a press to say, simple operation, so that communication is more free, especially in the case of emergency scheduling and collection of collaborative work, these characteristics are very important. And call costs are reduced.

6. How far is the two way radio? Conventional two way radios usually have a range of 3 to 5 kilometers, but in the case of tall buildings or mountains, the range will be relatively short. When there is network support, the intercom call range can reach tens of kilometers.

7. Can mass consumers buy two way radios? Public consumers can also buy two way radios, but in the past to buy and use two way radios must apply to the local radio Control Board (" no commission "for short), obtain a station license and pay the frequency occupation fee. Since December 6, 2001, China has opened the civil walkie-talkie market, using 400MHz, transmitting power less than 0.5W civil walkie-talkie, no need to go through any procedures.

8. Can a two way radio make phone calls? Two way radios can be used to make phone calls if there is network support. But if it is just a regular call between the single machine, it can not achieve the function of making a phone call

9. Do I have to pay for talking on a two way radio? Regular radio calls are free of charge. No matter how frequently you use it, you only need to pay a frequency occupancy fee of tens of yuan per radio per year. If you use two way radio, you do not need to pay any fee.

10. Why is there a frequency limit when using wireless two way radios? In order to ensure that the vast majority of users' calls are free from interference and to make reasonable use of frequency resources, the National Radio Regulatory Commission has divided the use of frequency and stipulated that different industries should use the corresponding frequency range. When you buy a two way radio, you have to apply to the local radio Control Board for frequency points.

11, the daily use of two way radio should pay attention to those problems antenna use precautions

(1) Only original or approved antennas can be used. Unapproved antennas, modified antennas or antennas with accessories may damage the walkie talkie or violate the regulations of the Radio Administration of the Ministry of Information Industry (2) Do not swing the antenna around with your hands when in use. (3) The walkie-talkie antenna can not be screwed off, otherwise it is easy to burn the power tube (power amplifier tube) when transmitting

(4) Do not use damaged antennas. Minor burns may occur if the damaged antenna comes into contact with skin during transmission.

Precautions for battery

(1) Use original or approved batteries.

(2) All batteries may cause damage or personal injury if metallic conductors such as jewelry, keys, or beads touch the exposed electrodes of the battery. Be careful with charged batteries, especially when carrying them in pockets, wallets, or other metal containers. (3) Charging should be carried out in an environment of 5~40 degrees and the charging time should be up to 12-14 hours. If the temperature exceeds this range or the charging time is insufficient, the battery life will be affected and the battery may not be charged to its rated capacity.

Electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility

Para evitar interferencias electromagnéticas y/o problemas de compatibilidad electromagnética, apague el walkie-talkie en un área marcada como "Apagar Walkie-Talkie". Como hospitales u otros entornos donde se utilizan equipos médicos y de salud. También debe apagar su radio de dos vías cuando se le solicite cuando vuele.

 Precauciones de operación de la radio bidireccional

(1) Cuando se lanza la radio bidireccional, mantenga la radio bidireccional en posición vertical y mantenga la distancia entre el altavoz y la boca entre 2,5 y 5 cm. La radio bidireccional debe estar al menos a 2,5 cm de la cabeza o el cuerpo en el momento del lanzamiento. Si se lleva una radio de mano en el cuerpo, la antena debe estar al menos a 2,5 cm del cuerpo cuando se lanza

(2) No encienda ni apague la máquina muchas veces durante el uso y ajuste el volumen al volumen adecuado para su audición.

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