Digital Mobile Radio
Precauciones para el uso de radio bidireccional May 11,2023.

1. When the intercom is being launched, keep the intercom in the vertical position, and keep the distance between the microphone and the mouth 3-5 cm. The two way radio should be at least 2.5 cm from the head or body at launch. If a handheld radio is carried on the body, the antenna should be at least 2.5 cm away from the body when it is launched.

2, in the process of use do not turn on and off the action for many times, at the same time to adjust the volume to suit your hearing volume.

3. Do not change the parameters of the intercom. Otherwise, the frequency meter function may be confused, which may cause the intercom cannot be used normally and cause unnecessary trouble to maintenance engineers.

4. Only the antennas configured or approved by the original factory can be used. Without the approved antennas, the antennas modified or added with accessories may damage the two way radio or violate the regulations of the Radio Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry; And may make the communication effect worse.

5, in use, do not use the hand to hold the antenna, do not hold the antenna to swing the machine around here and threre.

6. In use, the antenna of the two way radio can not be screwed off, otherwise it is easy to damage the internal components when transmitting.

7. Do not use damaged antennas. Minor burns may occur if the damaged antenna comes into contact with skin during launch.

8. The radio antenna is compatible with the frequency of the host. Do not use the antenna that does not match the frequency band of the host, which will damage the two way radio and deteriorate the communication effect.

9, two way radio speaker external magnetism is very weak, avoid in the computer, MP3, PDA, U disk and other electronic equipment accessories for a long time emission, wireless electromagnetic wave may have a certain impact on the use of these equipment; Do not use high power close to the human body for a long time. Please keep the distance between your two way radio and the screen such as the computer monitor at a distance of more than 10 cm to avoid magnetization.

10. Please use the original and authentic batteries.

11. All batteries may cause damage or personal injury if metallic conductors such as jewelry, keys, or bead chains touch their bare electrodes. Be careful with charged batteries, especially when carrying them in pockets, wallets, or other metal containers.

12. Charging should be carried out in an environment of 5-40 degrees. If the temperature exceeds this range, the battery life will be affected, and the rated capacity may be insufficient.

13. In a car with a safety airlock, do not place the two way radio within the range where the airbag may be deployed. If the two way radio is in the area that may be involved when the airbag deploys, once the airbag deploys rapidly, the two way radio may injure people in the car with great impact.

14. En entornos atmosféricos o situaciones en las que haya una explosión potencial, el intercomunicador debe estar apagado a menos que esté especialmente certificado (por ejemplo, radio a prueba de explosiones). En atmósferas potencialmente explosivas, las chispas eléctricas pueden provocar una explosión o un incendio.

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